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To help our staff and customers have access to our medical, safety, employment, and credit forms, we have listed them on our website.

Safety is one of the most vital aspects of Fanguy Bros. Wholesale operations. No operation at Fanguy Bros. Wholesale is so important that it needs to be done in an unsafe or unhealthy manner. We recognize that accident control will only be successful when we have commitment from management, coordination and advice from supervisors who accept their safety responsibilities, and employees who willingly participate in the elimination of unsafe acts and conditions. Our policy is designed to keep our work place at the highest level of safety and accidents at the lowest possible level. Fanguy Bros. Wholesale conducts its business with a high regard for the health and safety of its employees, the protection of its assets and the maintenance of a productive work environment. Any practices which obstruct or inhibit these objectives are unacceptable. Consequently our policy will be to monitor for and seek to eliminate alcohol and drug abuse among our employees.

Safety Policy

Fanguy Bros. Wholesale’s greatest assets are its employees. Here at Fanguy Bros. Wholesale we take pride in our record of employment, with 5 staff members which have been working with us 20 years or more. We are a locally owned, family operated business serving the community over 65 years.

Employment Application

At Fanguy Bros. Wholesale we provide quality products at competitive prices, along with great customer service. We invite you to fill out our credit application today and begin a great relationship with Fanguy Bros. Wholesale.

Credit Application